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Here's what our Clients say

”Coach Bruce is a solid individual! He is caring, an excellent listener and asks really great questions to bring out what is really at the heart of a personal issue. When this happens, the client can then begin to build upon their own answers and forge a way forward.”

- J.A. Ed. D.

”Bruce is an amazing colleague who leads his program areas with diplomacy, attentiveness, and follow through based on his expert counsel, strong knowledge of organizational change management and development, and dedicated DEI background. He brings a broad range of professionals from various sectors together to define, develop and implement custom initiatives to measurable success, especially in the HR space. Any organization or individual would benefit from the process of coaching and consultation given by Bruce.”

- M.A.

”Bruce possesses an exceptional ability to listen actively and patiently, infusing every discussion with positivity. His skill in guiding conversations allows for a comprehensive exploration of perspectives without ever being directive. He demonstrates a deep mastery of both the spoken and the unspoken elements of our interactions. His coaching is nothing short of phenomenal, with each session providing a rich and enlightening experience

Before working with Bruce, I struggled to begin a project that was deeply important to me. Through our sessions, Bruce helped illuminate a pivotal insight—the intrinsic fear of failure that was holding me back. Recognizing this was a transformative 'aha' moment for me. Since then, my perspective has completely shifted, leading to consistently great and positive experiences. Bruce's guidance and being there as my accountability partner was instrumental in this significant change.

I've experienced a permanent shift in my mindset; I no longer procrastinate. This transformation has been profound, and I am deeply grateful to Bruce for facilitating this change. It feels not just good, but truly awesome.”

- S.T., CEO, Orenddah

”Coach Bruce is humble and insightful. He's very easy to talk to and his pacing is intentional and thoughtful. None of his words are wasted. There is a level of focus and precision to his questions that will get you thinking the way you are supposed to. The coaching experience is easy and it flows. When you're too close to your own situation, the presence of an unbiased neutral party to evoke your awareness is a great benefit.”

- M.W., CEO

”Bruce has an infectious energy for learning and the science of achievement. He’s warm, easy to talk to and has a wealth of knowledge to provide his clients. Within our first few discussions I gained the clarity I was looking for and quickly built momentum towards my goal. Bruce is an exceptional coach and I highly recommend working with him.”

- J.P.